Many people struggle with weight, fitness, and related challenges. The four of us were not spared of this. Embracing fitness as a way of life was inevitable. Many times, we enrolled in gyms and other fitness facilities only to drop-out because of many reasons among them: lack of consistency, expecting quick results, and lack of motivation. It is worse when one has growing kids who are fitter than you, the parent. You cannot even participate in the kids’ school activities among other limitations. The challenge is how to maintain consistency after you start exercising.

Starting Fitness and Duathlon Shanzu is necessitated by the need to create a team that will ensure consistency, motivation and thereby enabling achievement of fitness goals. A lot has been achieved since starting out our joint running and cycling. The most famous story about our humble start was one of us hiring a Tuktuk (Tri-cycle) to transport for him his bike to Butterfly pavilion. From his place to this venue is hardly 3Km. Well, suffice to say he is still looking for that Tuktuk guy to ask for a refund. This growth has since seen us participate in the Annual Watamu festival (Duathlon) 2019, Diani Duathlon 2019 and Mombasa Triathlon and Duathlon in July 2019.

The company intends to take fitness to the next level. This includes but not limited to promoting good lifestyle through sports, hosting Duathlon challenges and Triathlon. Fitness and Duathlon ltd will partner with like-minded entities and sponsors to promote sports (Duathlon in particular) in communities in Kenya.